Ofsted & Assessment


Our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables are shown below.

Department of Education website.

Ofsted Inspection Reports are available on the Ofsted website.

Assessment and Reporting to Parents

At Cassiobury Infant and Nursery School we follow the national statutory assessment system at the end of Key Stage 1 which reports teacher’s assessment of pupil’s attainment as they exit Year 2. Teachers use their own professional knowledge of the children based on everyday class work, in addition to government tests (commonly known as SATs, issued by the Standards and Testing Agency), to make these assessments.

One of the features of the new National Curriculum is that it no longer uses a system of numbered ‘levels’ to describe children’s attainment. When we discuss your child’s attainment with you, either in meetings or written reports, we will no longer be reporting levels, as these no longer have any relevance to the curriculum. Instead we will refer to your child’s current level of attainment using phrases such as: 

  • working within the expected range of attainment for his/her age
  • working towards the expected range of attainment
  • working below the expected range of attainment
  • working beyond the expected range of attainment

We will also comment on whether your child has made good progress over the year, and give details of any specific areas of the curriculum where he/she has achieved well, and any areas where further development or support is needed.

Parents are invited into school to discuss their child’s progress and attainment in both the Autumn and Spring terms at Parent Consultation Evening; an end of year written Report is sent home in the Summer Term. Throughout the year, parents are welcome to make an appointment to speak to their child’s class teacher if they have any queries or concerns regarding their learning. 

Results at the end of key stage 1: information for parents

Information leaflet about the key stage 1 national curriculum assessment results (often referred to as SATs) available on the www.gov.uk website.