House Events

Details of our house events

Sports Day - June 2019

CINS enjoyed a fantastic Sports Day today, Friday 21st June 2019 in no small part due to the lovely summer weather.  There were a total of 10 events: javelin, dribbling the ball, high jump, the sack race, bean bag throw, standing jump, balance the tennis ball, skipping cones, the hurdles and not forgetting the running races.  The children had a packed morning participating in all the events.  The winning house was …….. CHESS and the runners up were Colne.  Well done to Chess!

House Tag Rugby - March 2019

We held our first ever House Tag Rugby Festival between: ColneGadeUnion and Chess. Our Coaches Angie and Rick organised a festival of multi-skills activities, in addition to actual Tag Rugby Games. The children in each class then competed to earn points for their House. The winning team was… Chess!